Your donation enables people with differing abilities to live in the community according to their wishes.


Your donation can provide the support necessary for people with differing abilities to find jobs.


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Meet Brenda


Brenda Sheaffer never understood numbers, no matter how much her teachers and others tried to help. She was born with a severe learning disability. She says, “I can read almost anything and I can play the keyboard by ear. But I could never understand math.” As a result, her job prospects were limited.

When Brenda completed high school, her parents helped her look for a job. Brenda tried working at commercial jobs but “I was always let go because of my special needs.” She worked in food service, at a laundry and a nursing home. She didn’t stay in those jobs very long because, “I wasn’t fast enough.”

Then her mother learned of Melwood. Brenda applied and went into a job with the support she needed to be successful. She first worked as a custodian at the National Zoo, then transferred to another worksite. Brenda later applied for a job at one of Melwood’s newest worksites, a secure federal building in downtown Washington, DC, in 2000.  She has worked there ever since, saying, “At Melwood, I have an umbrella of support. I have a supervisor I can talk to if I need help. I do not have to hide my disability to keep my job.”

Brenda is proud of her accomplishments. “I work, and pay taxes. I live on my own and pay all the rent. I am very proud of myself.”

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