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Meet Sarah

sarah_b_1.jpgSarah Cacciaglia works part time at a hardware store in her hometown of Waldorf, Maryland, where she has worked for the past seven years.

She turned to Melwood for help finding a job in 2004, several years after completing high school. Sarah has an intellectual disability and at the beginning of her job search, was anxious about finding a job, wondering if it would be right for her, or if she would even succeed. Once hired though, she displayed the hard work and determination that enabled her to advance from her position as a greeter to sales associate in the paint department. Sarah's favorite part of her job is helping customers, about which she says, "Sometimes they ask questions about finish or colors, and I can answer most of them by myself."

Now firmly recognized as a valuable employee, Sarah’s reliability and job knowledge means that she is often the only employee in the department when she works. “I can usually take care of the customers by myself, except when it’s really busy, like on weekends,” she says, smiling.

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