Your donation enables people with differing abilities to live in the community according to their wishes.


Your donation can provide the support necessary for people with differing abilities to find jobs.


Your donation helps children and adults with differing abilities enjoy supported recreational opportunities.

Meet Ken

ken_bw_1.jpgKen Bower contracted spinal meningitis when he was three years old. He immediately began to lose his hearing, but says, “My deafness was a slow progression,” and only lost it completely when he was a high school senior.

He often faced challenges relating to others, saying, “People sometimes think I’m ignoring them or being rude,” when he simply couldn’t hear them. “I try to let them know that deaf people can often lip read and enjoy conversations like anyone else.”

A DORS counselor told Ken about a job opening on Melwood’s new AbilityOne contract at Ft. Meade. He was hired after his interview, and now assists a locksmith on Melwood’s largest total facility maintenance contact.

Ken enjoys his new job, and adds that the positive atmosphere makes Melwood special. “That means a lot, judging a person by the quality of their work, not their disability.”

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