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Melwood was selected in 2008 to provide Recycling Services for Naval District Washington, through the AbilityOne Program. Recycling is our fourth line of business for the federal government, in addition to custodial, landscaping, and total facilities management services.

Our recycling teams reduce the National Capital Region’s waste stream, prevent pollution, conserve material resources and divert these resources into the recycling program.  We coordinate with base commands to stage, transport, sort and process all recyclable materials for re-sale in accordance with federal, state and recycling guidelines.

A staff of 37 performs and manages recycling services for 15 service locations and 28 commands inthe DC Metro area. Facilities which take part in the recycling program include the Pentagon, Naval Observatory, and Marine Base Quantico. We comply with fire, safety and sanitation regulations at four Public Works Departments (PWD): PWD Washington, PWD South Potomac, PWD Patuxent River and PWD Annapolis. We maintain regular contact with military and civilian personnel at all levels within the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

Melwood is exploring opportunities to add other recyclable materials and expand composting efforts. NSWC Dahlgren and NSWC Indian Head are taking part in a single stream pilot program in which multiple types of recyclable materials may be placed in the same container, without sorting or separation.

What is recyclable?

What is not Recyclable?

Ways to Recycle

Recycling helps our country’s future by saving important natural resources, conserving energy and creating jobs.

Recycle today.  Tomorrow depends on it.