Your donation enables people with differing abilities to live in the community according to their wishes.


Your donation can provide the support necessary for people with differing abilities to find jobs.


Your donation helps children and adults with differing abilities enjoy supported recreational opportunities.

Day Services

Melwood offers day programs for individuals who are interested in learning new skills, volunteering, and enjoying all that life has to offer.  With programs based in Prince George’s and Charles Counties, they are accessible to people throughout central and southern Maryland.


Crossroads is the largest of the Melwood day programs and is based at the Upper Marlboro campus.  Providing quality habilitation programs for people whose primary focus is on skills acquisition and meaningful activities, Crossroads offers opportunities for growth, life satisfaction, and skill diversity with a focus on each individual’s own preferences.

Crossroads is a goal-oriented program that continually reassesses each individual’s interests. The main components are culinary arts, fitness, horticulture therapy, creative arts, and employee development.  Depending on personal preferences and weekly schedules, individuals can engage in a variety of activities on a daily basis. The program strives to give each individual the needed support and opportunity for success on their personal goals.

In addition to facility-based programs, individuals in Crossroads have the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational, educational, and volunteer activities out in the community.  Such activities include:  job shadowing, delivering Meals on Wheels, exercising at a local community gym, visiting interactive art studios and museums, and more.  Crossroads is focused on developing an open community atmosphere in which individuals make choices regarding how to spend each day.

Personal Enrichment

The Personal Enrichment Program (PEP), based in Waldorf, is designed for older adults who desire a meaningful day once they have retired from work.  Individuals in PEP are encouraged to explore their interests and creativity through volunteering, seeking new skill acquisition opportunities, and sharing their knowledge with each other.

The individuals in PEP participate in volunteer activities such as Bikes for the World and Meals on Wheels, community activities such as dance lessons and fishing trips, as well as their own gardening and sewing interest groups.  They are continually asked to share their interests and work together to find opportunities in the community where they can learn more or participate in those activities.  PEP staff focus on providing variety and quality to improve the quality of life for those served in the program.

Community Connections

Community Connections is a goal oriented program that continually reassesses each individual and his or her preferences.  The main components of Community Connections are community integration, recreation, education, and volunteering while creating natural supports in the community.  Depending on personal preferences and daily schedules, individuals can engage in a variety of activities on a daily basis.  The program will strive to give each individual the opportunity and needed support for success on their personal goals.