Your donation enables people with differing abilities to live in the community according to their wishes.


Your donation can provide the support necessary for people with differing abilities to find jobs.


Your donation helps children and adults with differing abilities enjoy supported recreational opportunities.

Employee Support

Employee Support Services provides supported employment to individuals with various disabilities. The program is designed to provide career exploration, assessment and guidance that lead to informed employment choices. Our skills and training programs provide the knowledge and skills needed to enter into the competitive employment.

Melwood designs customized training to match qualified workers with various employers in the community. Training may take place at Melwood or on the job. It is our goal to help job seekers with disabilities, prepare for employment and develop the work-related behaviors and skills expected in today’s workforce.

The program is designed for individuals who have difficulty obtaining or maintaining employment. This program works to assist in developing realistic vocational goals, while teaching basic work skills needed to enter any occupation or skills training program. Emphasis is placed on building physical stamina, emotional tolerance and overall work behavior associated with entering /re-entering competitive employment or a supportive work environment. The ESS department offers:

• Career Assessment

• Career Training

• Customized Employment

• Job Development

• Job Coaching

• On-the-job training (OJT)

• Case Management

• Employee Development Services

• GED Training