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Melwood’s Call Center systems are scalable and our experienced staff efficiently manages operations and adjusts to changing client service requirements.

Melwood’s Call Center systems are scalable and our experienced staff efficiently manages operations and adjusts to changing client service requirements.

Melwood established its first Call Center in 1998 to primarily accept vehicle donations and provide customer services to manage the vehicle donation process. An Automated Call Distribution system was installed in 2000. This strategic upgrade prompted a drastic increase in donations and stimulated growth resulting in full-time employment opportunities for ten Customer Service Representatives (CSR). By 2004, Call Center operations reached a peak volume of 103,425 calls, which were supported by 40 full-time CSRs.

In late 2012, Melwood again upgraded its Call Center infrastructure with the introduction of the Genesys-Salesforce Integrated Ticketing System. This new system seamlessly integrated Salesforce with third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems. The Genesys-Salesforce integration and Genesys Cloud CTI are both cloud-based systems that allow for intelligent call routing to maximize agent efficiency and improve customer experience. Due to this new system, Melwood has extended its Call Center services, on a fee-for-service basis, to over 500 other non-profits located around the country.

Melwood’s Call Center systems are scalable. When combined with our experienced staff we are able to efficiently manage operations and adjust to changing client short- or long- term service requirements.

Melwood’s Genesys system allows for multiple ways for “callers” to interact with the Customer Service Representatives and allows supervisors and contractors to monitor performance on a real-time basis. The system allows for multiple forms of media inquiries that can include telephone/cell calls, email, Internet chat, SMS, webpage and social media. The system allows Call Center supervisors to have full visibility and real time monitoring of the call center operations.

Genesys Key Capabilities

Melwood’s Genesys platform allows for a flexible and customizable system capable of meeting a broad range of requirements. Genesys has eight key state-of-the-art capability functions that include:  

Self-Service IVR 

  • Inbound/Outbound/Multi-Channel – Voice, SMS, Email

  • Unlimited IVR ports

  • Personalized IVR experience

  • Integrated analytics

  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech

  • Natural Language Support

  • CRM integration


  • Routing using full context (interaction, customer, workforce)

  • Pre-configured options for rapid deployment

  • Skills-based routing with proficiency

  • Multi-level agent skill proficiency

  • IVR variables input into routing decision

  • Context shared with agent

  • Last Agent Routing

  • Web Callbac

Proactive Communications 

  • Proactive notifications and surveys

  • Campaign optimization

  • Preview and predictive dialer

  • Unlimited outbound IVR ports

Multi-Channel Workforce Optimization 

  • Workforce Management

  • Quality Management

  • Coaching

  • Speech Analytics

  • Text Analytics

  • Call Recording with Screen Capture

SIP Communications Services 

  • Telephone for local, home and remote workers Scalable to 100,000+ simultaneous calls

  • Call Control

  • Voicemail

  • Soft and hard phone options

  • Optional Hardware SIP hard phones

  • VoIP Gateways

  • Session Border Controllers

  • Integration with third party unified communications

  • Enterprise worker presence, availability and interaction routing across enterprise, branches and remote locations

  • WebRTC support


  • Advanced analytics with interactive drill paths

  • Visual, interactive real-time performance and operational monitoring and analysis for greater efficiency with Genesys Pulse

  • Historical reporting on IVR, Agents, and Routings for enhanced performance and operational management

  • Complete end-to-end reporting and comprehensive metrics for better call center insights

Agent Functions 

  • Easy-to-use HTML5-based agent workspace application for faster case resolution

  • Whisper messages and screen pops deliver data and context with the interaction to reduce customer frustration and improve efficiency

  • Agent scripting

Supervisor Functions 

  • Easy-to-use HTML5-based supervisor workspace application simplifies agent management

  • Call monitoring, agent coaching and barge-in for workforce optimization

  • Real-time and historical metrics and reports for continuous improvement

Melwood also has the ability to generate generalized and customized reporting at the customer’s request. These reports can also be automated and sent via email on a schedule defined by the customer or task order. These reports can be based on call volume, call activity, customer ticket database information to include tickets by incoming number, call detail, and problem resolution. The system has the ability to provide additional reporting based on modifications to the system (new fields in ticketing system, IVR changes, etc.) or new needs set by the customer.  

For further information about Melwood’s Call Center services, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact Ron Farrin, Director of Call Center Operations by email at, or by phone at (301) 856-6340. 

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