Document Conversion

Scanning of paper documents to an electronic format for all types of businesses.

Scanning of paper documents to an electronic format for all types of businesses.

Melwood is proud to offer the full range of document related solutions. We print, convert, and conduct quality assurance—a combination that makes Melwood the perfect choice for companies looking to improve their business operations and plan ahead for the future. Melwood treats each request as a new opportunity to solve a problem.

Converting paper documents to a digital format can save you time and money while lowering the risk for identity theft and the illegal usage of stolen documents.

The Document Conversion Cycle

Your designated Document Conversion Specialist will assist you in determining an appropriate timeline for the conversion process and ensuring care of delicate and special documents. Distinct plans will be made for the indexing and coding of your files according to your needs.

A time study will help to determine the time and specifications required to scan your documents. Staples, paper clips, and other hindering objects will be safely removed to ensure quality scanning.

Scanning of all your documents occurs at 100 pages per minute, supervised by qualified scanning specialists.


Each document is indexed, coded, and bookmarked to provide ease of access in the search process. This includes searchability by names, dates, or any customization you may require.

Quality Assurance
Melwood makes certain that all files are saved according to your requests and meet the most rigorous scanning quality standards.

Cloud Access
Your files will be accessible in a secured, internet-based cloud site from the start of the process, even while other documents are being scanned.


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