Essential Information

More information on what to bring, how to get here, and more useful details.

More information on what to bring, how to get here, and more useful details.

Thank you for registering for an Operation: Tohidu® retreat. Everyone at Operation: Tohidu is looking forward to meeting you. 

The following information will provide you with some helpful details about your arrival and stay, including where you can find us, what to bring, and directions.

Getting Here


  • 9035 Ironsides Road, Nanjemoy, MD 20662

  • Phone: 301-769-8081 


If you are traveling in your personal vehicle, please plan to arrive at the Melwood Retreat and Recreation Center between the hours of 3:00pm and 4:30pm. This will give you plenty of time to get settled before the Cycle begins.  


Your itinerary will arrive directly from Melwood via e-mail, typically at least one week in advance of your departure. Please check it over carefully and ensure that you arrive at the airport at least an hour prior to your flight (2 hours for Hawaii due to the Department of Agriculture requirements, and 2 hours early for any other OCONUS departure).You will receive a second e-mail, no later than 24 hours before your flight, with the contact information of the driver who will be meeting you at the airport.


Upon arrival you must check in at the main administration building and we will help you transport your luggage to your assigned room. You will be asked to park your vehicle at the main lot for the duration of your stay and we will ask you to leave your keys, which will be secured at that location. Should you need access to your vehicle over the course of the week, an Operation: Tohidu Mentor will be glad to assist you.

Please understand that it is Melwood policy that our participants are responsible for their conduct while traveling to and from the retreat center. 

On your arrival day, if you need to reach someone for assistance please telephone Travis Rahill at 301-599-4550


On behalf of everyone at Operation: Tohidu, we wish you safe travels. We all look forward to your arrival.

What to Bring to Operation: Tohidu

Below is a list of items we provide, a suggested packing list, and prohibited items to help you prepare for your experience.

All participants will be issued the following items:

  • Two uniform polo shirts, one physical training (PT) shirt, and one fleece pullover

  • Reference books and resource materials

  • Bed linens, towels, and washcloths to be used during your stay

Participants should bring the following items:

  • PT gear (for indoor and outdoor) including athletic shoes

  • Khaki slacks or 5-pocket blue jeans (khaki/jean shorts in summer, no cut offs, please)

  • Belt (to hold up the pants listed above, undergarments should not be displayed above the waistline)

  • Casual civilian attire (for free time only)

  • Rain gear and outerwear (be ready - we will be outdoors all seasons)

  • Rugged shoes that can get dirty (consider your deployment boots or similar)

  • Personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, etc.)

  • Thermal undershirts to be worn under your issued clothing (winter only)

  • Shower shoes

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent (warmer months)

  • Flashlight

  • Service animals can be accommodated

  • Please consider bringing:

    Cards, dominoes, or similar games


    Camera - for scenic photography only

  • Please resist bringing:

    Electronics - such as computers, mobile games, etc.

    Tobacco products

  • Please do not bring:

    Weapons of any kind

    Alcohol or drugs



Note: There should be no need for money as all food, refreshments and snacks are provided during the program. If you do not have an item or cannot afford to obtain it, let us know - we will glady assist you!

All illicit drugs are banned; prescription drugs may be kept in your custody if they are prescribed to you and contain accurate prescription information

Lodging at Operation: Tohidu

Lodging is by assignment in cabins at the Melwood Retreat and Recreation Center. These heated and air conditioned lodges include private and semi-private rooms, typically with top and bottom bunk beds. A few single beds are available. Some cabins have private bathrooms while others have community bathrooms with private shower and toilet stalls. Room assignments are made on an as needed basis by Senior Mentors.

Questions or Concerns?

For any questions, concerns or should you need anything prior to arrival day, please contact 
Travis Rahill at or 301-599-4550.

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