Operation: Tohidu

A holistic retreat helping wounded warriors overcome obstacles to their recovery and supporting their successful reintegration.

A holistic retreat helping wounded warriors overcome obstacles to their recovery and supporting their successful reintegration.

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, America's Global War on Terror has produced 2.6 million veterans, with almost 600,000 of them having service-related injuries.  This is in addition to the pre-9/11 era veteran population, many of whom are still struggling with service-related trauma. Thousands of these veterans are coping with invisible wounds, such as post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, or military sexual trauma. These valiant warriors struggle to recover not only their health, but also their civilian or military lives: maintaining employment or duty status, finding jobs, rebuilding or maintaining family relationships, and figuring out their place in our communities. Their path is far from easy and many need our support. 

Melwood Veteran Services’ Operation: Tohidu retreats are held at Melwood’s Retreat & Recreation Center located in a peaceful and secluded area of southern Maryland. The retreats are designed for veterans and active duty military suffering from the effects of service-related trauma to help them overcome obstacles to their recovery and support their successful reintegration into their homes and communities.  It is a program run by veterans for veterans.

“Tohidu” is a Cherokee word meaning peace of mind, body, and spirit. Operation: Tohidu's experiential rehabilitation program focuses on confidence-building, outdoor activities, and group discussion in a relaxed, positive environment using proven techniques for the self-management of symptoms, stressors, and responses. Our highly trained staff of veteran facilitators, certified recreational support professionals, and peer mentors strategically implement activities that highlight individual abilities and the value of group support, leading to an overall improvement in quality of life. 

Program Overview

Operation: Tohidu is a 5-day retreat designed with the goal of enabling participants to heal from service-related trauma through experience-based learning and other alternative therapies and interventions.

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  • Upcoming Retreats

    • September 10 -14, 2018
      Couples Session
    • September 24 -28, 2018
      Women's Session
    • October 8 -12, 2018
      Men's Session
    • October 22 - 26, 2018
    • November 5-9, 2018
      Women's Session
    • December 3 - 7, 2018

    For more information and retreat schedule, please contact
    Travis Rahill at trahill@melwood.org or 301-599-4550.

    Cost: The 5-day retreat is free of charge to veterans and active duty service members, including accommodations and travel.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Become an Operation: Tohidu sponsor and make your donation go even further. Sponsors will be recognized with signage at the Operation: Tohidu retreat site, on Melwood's website and social media, and in Melwood's annual report. As a sponsor, a number of special volunteer opportunities are also available. Explore the sponsorship levels below and contact Melwood to discuss sponsorship for this transformative program.

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This [program] has clearly been put together by people who not only care, but truly understand what our veterans are faced with. America's military has always been good at turning civilians into Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, or Marines, but we have a great deal to be desired in turning them back into civilians.

Veteran and father of a veteran

I think the whole experience was summed up very well when it says that it's not about the end destination, it's about the journey and all the end destination is going to be great because you get to find out your new person and who you are. The journey of discovering that is more important than anything else.


Learning more and more about myself, about my temperament, more and more about the resources that are available to me. That people actually really do care. That's been the best part about this.


Operation: Tohidu... I'm going to tell you right now... mind, body and spirit, community, talking. It's better than any drug.

PFC U.S. Army

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