Operation Tohidu® for Couples

A holistic retreat helping couples overcome obstacles and challenges to their relationships stemming from service-related trauma. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be hard work. When one or both of the partners have experienced service-related trauma, there is often a residual effect on the ability to maintain a healthy, supportive and loving relationship. 

Melwood Veteran Services’ Operation Tohidu® for Couples retreats are held at Melwood’s Retreat & Recreation Center in Nanjemoy, Maryland, a peaceful and secluded wooded area in southern Maryland. The retreats are specially designed for couples (be they veterans, active duty service members or dual-service partnerships) where one of both partners are struggling with the effects of service-related trauma. It is a program run by veterans for veterans. 

Tohidu” is a Cherokee word meaning peace of mind, body, and spirit. Operation Tohidu's® experiential program focuses on confidence-building, outdoor activities, and group discussion in a relaxed, positive environment using proven techniques for the self-management of symptoms, stressors, and responses. Our highly trained staff of veteran facilitators, certified recreational support professionals, and peer mentors facilitate activities that highlight coupled activities, the value of communication and being seen in a partnership and the value of group support in driving post-traumatic growth, authenticity and clear communication.  As a result, couples leave their Tohidu experience with the tools to maintain a resilient, supportive and loving relationship, leading to an overall improvement in their quality of partnership. 


Operation Tohidu® for Couples is a 5-day intensive retreat that serves 4-8 couples per session. The experience is designed to facilitate participants revisiting the basis for their relationship and promotes celebration of their partnership. This is achieved through adventure as a metaphor for challenge and growth, education, experience-based learning, communication skills, group discussion, and other shared alternative therapies and techniques.  


  • Upcoming Retreats

    • September 10 -14, 2018
      Couples Session
    • September 24 -28, 2018
      Women's Session
    • October 8 -12, 2018
      Men's Session
    • October 22 - 26, 2018
      Couples Session
    • November 5-9, 2018
      Women's Session for MST Survivors
    • December 3 - 7, 2018
      Women's Session

    For more information and retreat schedule, please contact
    Travis Rahill at trahill@melwood.org or 301-599-4550.

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